Butterflies and moths are sensitive indicators of the health of our environment. Find out how you can help them. 

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Save our Species

We've shown we can bring species back from the brink of extinction, but we need your help to achieve more. Help us save species.

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Become a member of Butterfly Conservation and help save endangered species from extinction, plus get a your welcome pack and a subscription to Butterfly magazine.

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Online ID courses

Sign up to our online ID courses to learn how to identify butterflies from their features, markings, flight times and behaviours. Plus get an introduction to moths.

Learn more about butterflies and moths

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Spotted a butterfly but not sure what it is? Our handy identification section will help you find out.

Small Elephant Hawk-moth (underwing) - Bob Eade

In memory

Celebrate the memory of a loved one by helping to protect butterflies and moths for future generations.

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Volunteers in our Branches manage over 30 Nature Reserves - all havens for butterflies, moths and other wildlife. Why not visit one near you? 

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